We Need Your Help!

The CHCTA would like to thank the tennis community for its support, membership, and participation in our events. We need YOUR help to support the sport we love. Our community is entirely responsible for maintaining the PVC courts, and our revenues are not covering our expenses.


Why the shortfall?
The beautiful red clay courts are available today because, a decade ago, a group of dedicated tennis enthusiasts lobbied the school to relocate a planned “learning garden” rather than dig up the courts for the land. In return, the tennis community assumed full responsibility for the courts. We formed the Croton Harmon Community Tennis Association with the mission to restore and maintain the PVC courts and to grow the game of tennis in Croton. We succeeded on both counts—and along the way have created a terrific tennis community.


Each year we raise funds through family and individual CHCTA memberships, our tournaments and joint events with our friends in the Ossining Community Tennis Association.


But our annual expenses to maintain the courts have increased significantly, and our membership-driven funds are not keeping pace. Each season, we spend about $9,000 for Oval Tennis to open and close the courts and provide twice-monthly professional maintenance (including laying down calcium chloride as needed). Additional expenses include insurance, USTA fees, email, and website, and balls for events.

And this doesn’t include the hundreds of volunteer hours of the courts’ watering crews, teaching pros at our clinics, and organizing and running our tournaments,  round robins and events.

Here’s how you can help us ensure the future of our own Roland-Garros-on-the-Hudson in Croton:

  • Please sign up for an annual membership in the CHCTA ($75 per person; $100 per family). Remember that the membership is annual and should be renewed each year.

  • Consider making a donation to CHCTA in addition to your annual membership. This will help us build a sustainable future for Croton community tennis.


Every dollar counts, and your participation matters!

If you play tennis, if your kids play tennis, if your friends are playing on the PVC court and if you want to have a community with high-quality clay tennis courts, please help us keep them up and running. The ball is in your court!

Many thanks and our best wishes for a happy holiday season!